Plead Not Guilty To a Traffic Ticket Violation in New Jersey

There have been many reported incidents of being charged even without being guilty. Suppose you happen to be on the same path, then worry not. After you are confident with the fact that you have been charged for no reason and you are willing to fight for the same in New Jersey Court, this article shall help you by a thorough complication of details.

NJMCDirect Plead Not Guilty – Complete Details

It happens to a lot of people every day, and it is your right to Lead, Not Guilty, at NJMCDirect Portal. This gives you an upper hand to stand up to your innocence and fight legally against the charges to save yourself from unnecessary fines, court visits, and other issues. The methods of opposing the charges are advised or suggested for people who have not committed the violation.

If you are guilty of a violation, then you are suggested to make fine payments genuinely without any further ado.

If you have been repeatedly charged even if you are not driving your vehicle as per the complaints or you haven’t driven at all, then you need to place few things into consideration before appearing in court. 


The possible underlying reasons for uncalled fines are as follows: 

  • If you’ve sold your car to someone else, there’s a high probability of being fined on their behalf. To avoid being fined unnecessarily, ensure that you have enrolled the vehicle’s license plate number under the new owner’s name and not yours. 
  • Ensure if someone else like your family members or close mates has taken your vehicle out without you having any knowledge about it. 
  • The possibility of technical errors can not be ruled out though the chances are pretty thin. Give a tap at your memory and go for challenging the law only if you are sure not to have been on the scene with your vehicle. 
  • Check with your vehicle’s insurance policy details thoroughly. This should include information such as expiration dates and times. Driving a vehicle without any valid insurance policy is not allowed or entertained at all. 
  • Check your driving license. You need to take into account if it has expired without your prior knowledge. Renew it in such a case. You may follow the step-by-step instructions written by the official site to Renew your NJ License.

NJ Court’s Decision on Traffic Violation

Fighting your ticket in the court will finally decide at the end as to whether you are guilty or not for the NJ traffic violation. The decision could be anything depending upon a variety of factors, and sadly you won’t have control over the decision at all.

The Court’s decision may be in favor of you, or else you are bound to pay for the violation that has been placed under you at the NJ portal or court. On the other hand, if under any circumstances you are found guilty of a violation, then you need to pay the traffic fines.

Failure to pay traffic fines even after you plead guilty for the NJ traffic violation may end up with you having to face serious consequences. You can fish through NJSurcharge to know the complete details and more about the charges and fines and their method of payment. 

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 Listed below are some of the do’s and don’ts while you challenge the surcharge pressed against you:

  • Always go through your traffic ticket and try to understand the probable reasons behind why you had to go through the process of suspension.
  •  Never under any circumstance try to escape from appearing in the court when summoned. Always pay a visit before the due date. Else, you may also have to go through serious problems or even arrest imposed by NJ Court.
  •  If the situation worsens, you can always call the NJ Court Clerk. You can always clear away any doubts regarding your traffic ticket. The most important rule is to make sure that you reach out to them during working hours only. 
  • Try talking to the prosecutor and see if there are any underlying chances of slashing down the points that have been imposed on your ticket from the original points that have been charged before.
  •  Hiring a lawyer has proved out to be a great idea if you are not sure as to how to plead not guilty at the NJ court. To plead not guilty to any ticket under your name, you need to directly contact the court and say that you are pleading “not guilty.

Note down the appearance date that has been listed for you on your NJ ticket, and don’t skip attending the court on the due date for pleading not guilty for your NJ traffic ticket under any circumstances.

Though there’s no guarantee to the result, there’s always no harm in actually pleading not guilty when the reason is justified. 

How Can You Reinstate Your Suspended Driving License in New Jersey?

A driving license is essential and is one of the most important things in everyone’s life. In New Jersey, a driving license also has a great impact on the career of an individual across the world. A driving license can be associated with daily needs such as keeping the job or a necessary appointment or anything. 

Steps For Reinstating Your Suspended Driving License

Every country and state has its law related to suspension and reinstatement of the license. Well, many states let people continuing driving for issues related to medical and work with a suspended license.

driving license at NJ

However, the New Jersey government doesn’t allow anyone to drive with a suspended license. Let’s have a look at the four most important steps to follow to reinstate your suspended driving license. 

Step 1: Check if the driving license has been suspended.

Firstly, you need to check if the driving license has been suspended. You can check it in some basic steps. Let’s have a look at the overview of the checking process.

  • You can check your status online. 
  •  If online checking fails, please call the respective department and talk to the agent. 

In New Jersey, you can call Motor Vehicles Commissions (MVC) at (609) 295-6500. The duty officer will pick up your call and review the abstract of your driving history.

A driving history abstract is a general record related to all the information of your driving license, including the reason for your license’s suspension by MVC. A license can be suspended for many reasons, including violations of the rules, failure to appear in court, etc.

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However, while speaking to the MVC representative, make sure to listen to all the instructions and write down the information if required. Take note that this information will help in the reinstatement of your license. Keep the following instruction in mind. 

  •  The time to restore your license; 
  •  Any surcharges you need to pay the MVC; 
  •  You must complete the MVC program, including DDC and IDRC programs.
  •  The particular court where you need to contact in the case of paying any extra charges.

Step 2: Get a written copy of the driving history abstract. 

The second and most important thing is to have a hard copy of your abstract driving history. You are not entitled to receive a mail of the copy by calling the mentioned number. To get an abstract copy, you have to complete a request form and return the form with $15.

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You may purchase a copy of your driver’s history online. You can even purchase a copy in person from any of the MVC service centers just for $15. You can check the MVC website to learn more.

Step 3: Understand the Process of Lifting the Suspension.

There can be several reasons behind the suspension of your license. The suspension order can be brought by the court or MVC itself. 

Court-ordered suspensions: A court can bring a suspension order to a driver’s license for various reasons. It can be due to violation of the rules, criminal act, justice code violations, failure of paying the parking ticket, fine, or even failure to appear in court. In most cases, the suspension can last for a particular point in time.

In other cases, the suspension will last until you pay the fine. An MVC representative will tell you which court you need to contact. Once you resolve all the court issues, the court will notify the MVC, and MVC will help you restore your license.

MVC-imposed license suspension: In some cases, MVC issues a suspension to your license. MVC can issue the suspension order for the following reasons.” 

  •  Failure to complete the course brought by the MVC;
  •  Failure to pay surcharges
  •  Earning too many points
  •  Drive with having no insurance
  •  Being a “habitual offender.’’

You have to speak to the MVC’s representative in this case. In this case, he or she will guide you on how to restore your license or the fees you require to submit.

Step 4: When Can I Begin Driving?

Even after resolving all the issues related to court and MVC, you are not entitled to drive. You have to call MVC if they have lifted your suspensions. You have to repay the license restoration fees of around $100. You may have to pay the registration fees of $100 if, by any chance, registration got canceled.

Suppose you have not driven for the last few years; you may need to retake a test. To obtain a new license, you have to pay $24 and present an ID of six points. You can visit the official website or call MVC at (609) 292-6500 to know more about 6 point ID.

This is some basic information about the suspension and reinstatement of NJ licenses. You can follow The MVC website to learn more.

How To Get Replaced If You Lost Your NJ Driver’s License?

Have your New Jersey driving license lost, destroyed, or stolen? The system becomes so hassle-free for a replacement! You can easily replace the N.J. driver’s license now without visiting MVC.

The leading process for ordering a duplicate license will rely on whether you are in New Jersey or out of town. The good news is that, in both cases, you may quickly order a new replacement for your driving license.

If you want, you may also visit your local MVC agency in-person. However, the N.J. denizens may go in-person to the agency for the replacement procedure. So, read on now to know more about all the instructions, documents required, and steps you must follow if you have lost your driving license.

How Can You Replace Your Lost NJ Driving License?

Have you noticed that your driving license lost accidentally or gone missing? You want to file for another duplicate license or a replacement. You cannot drive without a license, and you must not jeopardize yourself and get a ticket as a penalization.

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Make sure to follow the in-person rules below if you are currently residing in New Jersey. Do you not present in NJ right now? Well, you may follow the out of the state rules for filing for a replacement. Therefore, let’s have a look at every detail minutely:

In-person Rules:

  • Amass all the relevant identification documents, which are shown below:
  • New driver’s license
  • Renewal of driver’s license
  • Replacement of driver’s license
  • Name change on driving license
  • Address change on driving license
  • Learner’s permit
  • Navigate to your nearby MVC agency.
  • Pay $11.00 as a duplicate license fee.
  • You may walk away with your brand new duplicated license.

Out of the state drivers’ Rules:

It would be difficult for out of the state drivers to show up in-person. It should not be a hassle as long as you fulfill and follow all the mandatory requirements.

Essential Requirements For Replacing Lost NJ License via Mail 

  • Your driving license could have never been lost of theft for more than three years ago.
  • If you were not presently staying in New Jersey, you should be a USA resident.
  • The commercial driver license holders may not appeal for replacement via Mail.
  • You must possess a New Jersey license, and you must stay in the state of N.J.
  • Replacement of only digital licenses can only be possible. Does your license possess a digital picture? You cannot appeal for a replacement, but you may apply for the renewal of your N.J. license.

Steps To Be Followed For NJ Driver License’s Replacement

  • Assemble and make the hardcopies for all those identification documents that are mentioned above. Never send the original documents.
  • Please keep a copy of your out of the state address.
  • You may reach NJ MVC at (609) 292 6500 or 5076.
  • Please make sure to inform them that you are out of the state and would prefer to appeal for a duplicate license.
  • Pay $11.00 as a replacement fee.

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What are the primary documents needed for N.J. driver’s license replacement?

You have to submit some mandatory documents to get your duplicate license. Those documents must fulfill New Jersey’s 6-types verification rule. You have to select those documents that possess an entire 6 points or more to be eligible for the 6-point verification.

These should possess overall 6 points or more:

  • Make sure to bring a minimum of one document from the detailed list of primary I.D. documents.
  • The documents may possess differing points in this primary group. Some may include 4 points. In contrast, others may consist of 3 or 2 points.
  • Make sure to bring a minimum of one document from the detailed list of secondary I.D. documents.
  • Here, the documents from the second group may possess differing points. Some may include 3, 2, or even 1 point.

Primary Documents Required For NJ Driver’s License Replacement:

4-point documents: USA citizens

  • Birth certificate
  • USA passport
  • Recent USA passport card
  • Recent NJ digital non-driver card
  • Recent NJ digital boat license
  • Recent NJ digital driver license
  • Citizenship certificate

3-points documents:

  • Recent photo employment approval card
  • It should be presented with a legit social security card.

2-points documents:

  • Recent alien registration card with USCIS or INS verification
  • Photo provisional residential card

Secondary Documents Required For NJ Driver’s License Replacement:

3-points documents:

  • Recent USA military dependant card
  • Legit New Jersey firearm card

2-points documents:

  • USA school and college photo I.D. card with transcript
  • Legit local or federal driving license of government employee

1-point documents:

  • Social security card
  • D. card of employees

If you have recently lost or been the victim of theft, follow our systematic guidelines to apply for a replacement of your N.J. driver’s license. Check out all the points very minutely to get a clear idea of what documents are required for various cases.

How To Renew New Jersey Driver’s License?

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will always permit you to prepare your renewal ahead of time. You are liable to renew six months before your driving license expires. Make sure not to wait until the last day in case your license expiration falls at the month-end.

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Note: Always visit your local MVC agency during the middle of the week or month to evade any unnecessary hassles or delays. If you can’t renew within the period, your license will expire soon.

NJ License

Renewing NJ Driving License By Mail


NJ MVC has started allowing the drivers to get a hassle-free renewal of their driving licenses by mailing through the “skip the trip” program. The mandatory requirements are shown below for renewal:

  •  Your date of birth has to be on or before 12.01.1964.
  •  You are unable to renew a commercial driving license via Mail.
  •  You are unable to renew if your driving license is recently suspended. 
  •  Please go for an in-person renewal if you are less than ten days away from the expiration date.

Steps to follow:

  1.  Fill out all the details from the “skip the trip” renewal form sent to you on your mail I.D.
  2.  Diligently read all the significant instructions in the renewal form.
  3.  Now, you have to pay $24.00 for the renewal of four years driving license. 

Note: You will receive your new driving license between 7-10 business days.

Renewing NJ Driving License By in-person

The primary requirements for the renewal of an N.J. driving license are shown below:

  • You must possess a legit social security number.
  • Bring your renewal form to an MVC agency

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Steps to follow:

  1.  Bring the cash of $24 for a full four-year license.
  2.  Bring all the mandatory identification proof. 
  3.  Visit your nearby MVC agency.
  4.  Pass a vision test.

List of Mandatory Documents Required For Renewal

  •  Primary ID
  •  Secondary ID
  •  Social security number 
  •  N.J. residential proof

Date of Expiration Of The Driver’s License

The elementary class D driving licenses generally expire every four years. That is why you must apply for a driving license renewal every four years. Do you forget the expiration date? Just cross-check your card, and you will get the expiration date on the front side.

This is how you can efficiently apply and renew your driving license in New Jersey. For a hassle-free application and renewal process, follow our guidelines only! We hope this article immensely helps satisfy your needs!

How To Renew Vehicle Registration in New Jersey?

Vehicle registration renewal is an annual process that must be accomplished in New Jersey via the Motor Vehicle Commission board. However, NJ does not penalize you for late registration, but if you are caught red-handed while driving with an expired plate, the cop will issue a ticket in your name. 

Therefore, to evade such penalty hassles, make sure to complete the registration procedure before it expires. You will receive a renewal notice from MVC that includes a PIN for online renewals, the registration renewal deadline, and the application fee. Furthermore, you will also get an envelope for vehicle registration renewal by Mail. 

Hence, it may take a prolonged time or probably a week to process your application. Do you want to know vast information regarding vehicle registration renewal in N.J.? Read on now to learn more!

How to Renew New Jersey Vehicle Registration?

Renewing NJ vehicle registration is quite a hassle-free process as MVC provides you with numerous ways to complete the entire registration process. You can quickly restore the vehicle registration in three steps:

  1. Online
  2.  In-person
  3.  By Mail

Note: If you are eligible, you must renew the vehicle registration process online. Eligible motor vehicle owners must possess their renewal notice or a PIN.

Registration card

Things Required For Vehicle Registration Renewal Process

Motorcycles, trailers, passenger vehicles, and pleasure boats under 55 thousand pounds can acquire N.J. vehicle registration renewal’s online process. If you have other vehicles apart from those, consider visiting an MVC agency. Do you want to do an online registration? Visit the official website of NJMVC and move to the online registration renewal portal.

You will need the below-mentioned items to get started with the registration renewal process. When you have finished the process, your vehicle registration renewal is effective quickly:

  •  A legit Social security number
  •  Registration renewal form
  •  Insurance identification card
  •  The PIN from your renewal notice
  •  A legit credit card for payment

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As per your choice, you may also choose a top-notch or a special interest license plate while renewing the vehicle registration for an extra charge. Your vehicle registration will be renewed once you have met all the criteria. However, it will take approximately 7-14 days to get your sticker, special interest license plate, and new card via Mail.

Is your current registration unexpired? You need to keep it in your vehicle and wait for the next registration day. 

Does it take more than two weeks to get your registration items? Or, have you misplaced your vehicle registration renewal notice and need your PIN? Call at these numbers mentioned below:

  •  (888) 486-3339 if you are currently in NJ
  •  (609) 292-6500 if you are not available in N.J. or staying outside. 

New Jersey Vehicle Registration Renewal by Mail

Are you unable to process your renewal registration online? If so, your vehicle registration renewal notice will let you know if you can renew the process quickly by Mail. To renew vehicle registration by Mail, follow this procedure:

  • Complete the registration form included in your vehicle registration renewal notice. 
  •  Write a cheque that is payable to “NJMVC.”
  •  Keep both the items in the given envelope. Please ensure your residential address is lucid enough to see through the envelope’s window before you seal and mail it to the given NJMVC address. 

New Jersey Vehicle Registration Renewal in-person

If you don’t have access to renew your vehicle registration by Mail or online process, you may renew in person. Therefore, you will need to visit the local MVC agency and provide the details mentioned below:

  • Accomplished application for vehicle registration (BA-49).
  •  Your VIN or Vehicle Identification Number.
  •  Policy number and Insurance Company name.
  •  License plate number for renewal of vehicle registration.
  •  A passport, driving license, and other identification proof. 
  •  Executorships document if vehicle registration renewing is done on behalf of someone else. 

 A complete payment procedure for the renewal fee. NJ MVC accepts the following payment processes:

  •  Money orders
  •  Cash
  •  Credit or Debit cards
  •  Cheques that are payable to NJ MVC

What is Renewal Fees For NJ MVC Vehicle Registration?

Your renewal notice will contain the actual charges of the NJ MVC vehicle registration renewal. On the other hand, you may also use the NJ MVC fee calculator online registration to calculate the actual payable fee here

Well, for non-commercial vehicles, registration renewal costs are calculated in this way:

  •  You need to pay $46.50 for more than 2-years old and below 3500 pounds vehicles.
  •  Pay $71.50 for more than two years old and 3500 pounds vehicles.
  •  Pay $59.50 for two years old or newer and below 3500 pounds vehicles.
  •  Pay $84 for two years old or newer and 3500 pounds for bulkier vehicles.

Well, the complete guideline for vehicle registration renewal is shown above. You have three options to renew the vehicle registration. So, what are you waiting for? If you got stuck somewhere while renewing your car’s registration, consider our detailed guide.