Plead Not Guilty To a Traffic Ticket Violation in New Jersey

There have been many reported incidents of being charged even without being guilty. Suppose you happen to be on the same path, then worry not. After you are confident with the fact that you have been charged for no reason and you are willing to fight for the same in New Jersey Court, this article shall help you by a thorough complication of details.

NJMCDirect Plead Not Guilty – Complete Details

It happens to a lot of people every day, and it is your right to Lead, Not Guilty, at NJMCDirect Portal. This gives you an upper hand to stand up to your innocence and fight legally against the charges to save yourself from unnecessary fines, court visits, and other issues. The methods of opposing the charges are advised or suggested for people who have not committed the violation.

If you are guilty of a violation, then you are suggested to make fine payments genuinely without any further ado.

If you have been repeatedly charged even if you are not driving your vehicle as per the complaints or you haven’t driven at all, then you need to place few things into consideration before appearing in court. 


The possible underlying reasons for uncalled fines are as follows: 

  • If you’ve sold your car to someone else, there’s a high probability of being fined on their behalf. To avoid being fined unnecessarily, ensure that you have enrolled the vehicle’s license plate number under the new owner’s name and not yours. 
  • Ensure if someone else like your family members or close mates has taken your vehicle out without you having any knowledge about it. 
  • The possibility of technical errors can not be ruled out though the chances are pretty thin. Give a tap at your memory and go for challenging the law only if you are sure not to have been on the scene with your vehicle. 
  • Check with your vehicle’s insurance policy details thoroughly. This should include information such as expiration dates and times. Driving a vehicle without any valid insurance policy is not allowed or entertained at all. 
  • Check your driving license. You need to take into account if it has expired without your prior knowledge. Renew it in such a case. You may follow the step-by-step instructions written by the official site to Renew your NJ License.

NJ Court’s Decision on Traffic Violation

Fighting your ticket in the court will finally decide at the end as to whether you are guilty or not for the NJ traffic violation. The decision could be anything depending upon a variety of factors, and sadly you won’t have control over the decision at all.

The Court’s decision may be in favor of you, or else you are bound to pay for the violation that has been placed under you at the NJ portal or court. On the other hand, if under any circumstances you are found guilty of a violation, then you need to pay the traffic fines.

Failure to pay traffic fines even after you plead guilty for the NJ traffic violation may end up with you having to face serious consequences. You can fish through NJSurcharge to know the complete details and more about the charges and fines and their method of payment. 

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 Listed below are some of the do’s and don’ts while you challenge the surcharge pressed against you:

  • Always go through your traffic ticket and try to understand the probable reasons behind why you had to go through the process of suspension.
  •  Never under any circumstance try to escape from appearing in the court when summoned. Always pay a visit before the due date. Else, you may also have to go through serious problems or even arrest imposed by NJ Court.
  •  If the situation worsens, you can always call the NJ Court Clerk. You can always clear away any doubts regarding your traffic ticket. The most important rule is to make sure that you reach out to them during working hours only. 
  • Try talking to the prosecutor and see if there are any underlying chances of slashing down the points that have been imposed on your ticket from the original points that have been charged before.
  •  Hiring a lawyer has proved out to be a great idea if you are not sure as to how to plead not guilty at the NJ court. To plead not guilty to any ticket under your name, you need to directly contact the court and say that you are pleading “not guilty.

Note down the appearance date that has been listed for you on your NJ ticket, and don’t skip attending the court on the due date for pleading not guilty for your NJ traffic ticket under any circumstances.

Though there’s no guarantee to the result, there’s always no harm in actually pleading not guilty when the reason is justified. 

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