How Can You Reinstate Your Suspended Driving License in New Jersey?

A driving license is essential and is one of the most important things in everyone’s life. In New Jersey, a driving license also has a great impact on the career of an individual across the world. A driving license can be associated with daily needs such as keeping the job or a necessary appointment or anything. 

Steps For Reinstating Your Suspended Driving License

Every country and state has its law related to suspension and reinstatement of the license. Well, many states let people continuing driving for issues related to medical and work with a suspended license.

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However, the New Jersey government doesn’t allow anyone to drive with a suspended license. Let’s have a look at the four most important steps to follow to reinstate your suspended driving license. 

Step 1: Check if the driving license has been suspended.

Firstly, you need to check if the driving license has been suspended. You can check it in some basic steps. Let’s have a look at the overview of the checking process.

  • You can check your status online. 
  •  If online checking fails, please call the respective department and talk to the agent. 

In New Jersey, you can call Motor Vehicles Commissions (MVC) at (609) 295-6500. The duty officer will pick up your call and review the abstract of your driving history.

A driving history abstract is a general record related to all the information of your driving license, including the reason for your license’s suspension by MVC. A license can be suspended for many reasons, including violations of the rules, failure to appear in court, etc.

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However, while speaking to the MVC representative, make sure to listen to all the instructions and write down the information if required. Take note that this information will help in the reinstatement of your license. Keep the following instruction in mind. 

  •  The time to restore your license; 
  •  Any surcharges you need to pay the MVC; 
  •  You must complete the MVC program, including DDC and IDRC programs.
  •  The particular court where you need to contact in the case of paying any extra charges.

Step 2: Get a written copy of the driving history abstract. 

The second and most important thing is to have a hard copy of your abstract driving history. You are not entitled to receive a mail of the copy by calling the mentioned number. To get an abstract copy, you have to complete a request form and return the form with $15.

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You may purchase a copy of your driver’s history online. You can even purchase a copy in person from any of the MVC service centers just for $15. You can check the MVC website to learn more.

Step 3: Understand the Process of Lifting the Suspension.

There can be several reasons behind the suspension of your license. The suspension order can be brought by the court or MVC itself. 

Court-ordered suspensions: A court can bring a suspension order to a driver’s license for various reasons. It can be due to violation of the rules, criminal act, justice code violations, failure of paying the parking ticket, fine, or even failure to appear in court. In most cases, the suspension can last for a particular point in time.

In other cases, the suspension will last until you pay the fine. An MVC representative will tell you which court you need to contact. Once you resolve all the court issues, the court will notify the MVC, and MVC will help you restore your license.

MVC-imposed license suspension: In some cases, MVC issues a suspension to your license. MVC can issue the suspension order for the following reasons.” 

  •  Failure to complete the course brought by the MVC;
  •  Failure to pay surcharges
  •  Earning too many points
  •  Drive with having no insurance
  •  Being a “habitual offender.’’

You have to speak to the MVC’s representative in this case. In this case, he or she will guide you on how to restore your license or the fees you require to submit.

Step 4: When Can I Begin Driving?

Even after resolving all the issues related to court and MVC, you are not entitled to drive. You have to call MVC if they have lifted your suspensions. You have to repay the license restoration fees of around $100. You may have to pay the registration fees of $100 if, by any chance, registration got canceled.

Suppose you have not driven for the last few years; you may need to retake a test. To obtain a new license, you have to pay $24 and present an ID of six points. You can visit the official website or call MVC at (609) 292-6500 to know more about 6 point ID.

This is some basic information about the suspension and reinstatement of NJ licenses. You can follow The MVC website to learn more.

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