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You must be wondering what NJUIFILE is all about. Unemployment Insurance is nothing much but a joint state-federal program. This NJUIFile program includes all unemployed people in New Jersey.

This program provides economic stability to those individuals who have lost their jobs without their fault or are new graduates in the labour market.


NJUIFILE allows one to appeal for Unemployment based on two categories – Claimant Appeal and Employer Appeal. Applying with a Claimant Appeal provides you with a determination letter from NJUIFILE to notify you about your approval status.

If you agree well and good, but if you do not, you can file an intrigue. Your intrigue rights are print on every assurance you get. In Employer Appeal, every assurance influences your eligibility to get the benefits. If you disagree, you can file an intrigue. Your intrigue rights are print on every contract you get.

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Features of NJUIFile

Let’s have a glance at the features of NJUIFILE – Unemployment NJ:

  • Tools for Job Seekers

NJUIFILE provides training programs and job search engines to job seekers eagerly waiting to get a job. Not only this, but it also provides career counselling for the new graduate unemployment segment.

  • Tools for Employers

NJUIFILE – Unemployment NK has come up with some forms and publications. Like Unemployment Benefits Charged to Experience Rating Account, Request for Wage Separation Information, etc., beneficial to employers.

Apart from this, it provides informational posters for your company’s employees that you can see and comply with the offered applicable laws.

NJUIFILE – Eligibility Criteria

To get the benefits of Unemployment Insurance, an individual needs to qualify for the eligibility criteria and requirement status. The eligibility criteria are:

  • Those individuals who can work
  • Unemployed people who are actively seeking jobs
  • People who are available for work
  • Those who do not refuse a suitable job offer

Besides these two main requirements, there are some other additional benefits requirements to get the benefits of Unemployment Insurance. The workers who are school employee’s business owners, and so on have some additional requirements.

Even self-employed individuals need to pay their unemployment insurance via paycheck. If they fail to do this, you are not eligible to get the benefits of unemployment insurance.

Fees Structure for Opening an Account

  1. Spend Money
  • Each Purchase with PIN: 0 Dollar
  • Each Purchase with Signature: 0 Dollar

2. Get Money in the U.S.

  • Withdrawal from ATM, in-network: 0 Dollar (In-network means Bank of America ATMs)
  • Withdrawal from ATM, out-of-network: 90 Dollar (Out of Network means all the ATMs that are located outside the Bank of America ATMs)
  • Bank Teller Cash Withdrawal: 0 Dollar
  • Emergency Domestic Cash Transaction: 0 Dollar

3. Using Credit and Debit cards Outside the United States

  • Every cash transfer, International: 2% of total U.S Dollar Amount of Transaction
  • ATM Withdrawal for International Purposes: 3 Dollars (This is entirely the fees of Bank of America)

For Other Purposes:

  • Online transactions of Cash: 0 Dollar
  • Domestic Card Replacement: 3 Dollars
  • Express Delivery Card Replacement: 10 Dollars
  • International Card Replacement: 10 Dollars
  • Inactive Account: 0 Dollar
  • Legal Process Fee: 0 Dollar

NJUIFile Account Registration

To apply for Unemployment Insurance online, first and foremost, you need to create an online account. The steps to create an online account to enjoy the benefits of Unemployment Insurance are below:

Step 1: Give your current personal email address.

Step 2: After that, check your provided email ID

Step 3: Click on the verification like that is given in the provided email.

Step 4: Complete with the online account registration of Unemployment Insurance

Step 5: Finally, place your claim

How to Check Your Status on NJUIFILE- Unemployment NJ? 

Phone Application: If you have applied your phone to make the application for Unemployment Insurance NJ, then use this link to do: Check Claim Status
Online Application: If you have applied online to claim for the benefits of Unemployment Insurance NJ, then use this link to do: Certify For Weekly Benefits

NJUIFILE – Help and Support 

NJUIFILE- Unemployment NJ offers 24×7 help and support to its members. It assists not only support for registered members and a question page that people usually ask. However, if the queries persist, clients can contact the support team to get customer support immediately. The result is a 0 % disappointment level, resulting in members falling in love with their affordable services and unique features.


To sum it up, this company is one of the few Unemployment Insurance providers in New Jersey where you can easily enjoy the benefits at an affordable rate. It provides insurance to all the unemployed sections of New Jersey State to ensure the people have the economic stability to carry on with their lifestyle.

So, it is advisable for all people of the mentioned stated to avail the unemployment insurance given out by NJUIFILE – Unemployment NJ to maintain a backup during those days of Unemployment.

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