How To Renew Vehicle Registration in New Jersey?

Vehicle registration renewal is an annual process that must be accomplished in New Jersey via the Motor Vehicle Commission board. However, NJ does not penalize you for late registration, but if you are caught red-handed while driving with an expired plate, the cop will issue a ticket in your name. 

Therefore, to evade such penalty hassles, make sure to complete the registration procedure before it expires. You will receive a renewal notice from MVC that includes a PIN for online renewals, the registration renewal deadline, and the application fee. Furthermore, you will also get an envelope for vehicle registration renewal by Mail. 

Hence, it may take a prolonged time or probably a week to process your application. Do you want to know vast information regarding vehicle registration renewal in N.J.? Read on now to learn more!

How to Renew New Jersey Vehicle Registration?

Renewing NJ vehicle registration is quite a hassle-free process as MVC provides you with numerous ways to complete the entire registration process. You can quickly restore the vehicle registration in three steps:

  1. Online
  2.  In-person
  3.  By Mail

Note: If you are eligible, you must renew the vehicle registration process online. Eligible motor vehicle owners must possess their renewal notice or a PIN.

Registration card

Things Required For Vehicle Registration Renewal Process

Motorcycles, trailers, passenger vehicles, and pleasure boats under 55 thousand pounds can acquire N.J. vehicle registration renewal’s online process. If you have other vehicles apart from those, consider visiting an MVC agency. Do you want to do an online registration? Visit the official website of NJMVC and move to the online registration renewal portal.

You will need the below-mentioned items to get started with the registration renewal process. When you have finished the process, your vehicle registration renewal is effective quickly:

  •  A legit Social security number
  •  Registration renewal form
  •  Insurance identification card
  •  The PIN from your renewal notice
  •  A legit credit card for payment

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As per your choice, you may also choose a top-notch or a special interest license plate while renewing the vehicle registration for an extra charge. Your vehicle registration will be renewed once you have met all the criteria. However, it will take approximately 7-14 days to get your sticker, special interest license plate, and new card via Mail.

Is your current registration unexpired? You need to keep it in your vehicle and wait for the next registration day. 

Does it take more than two weeks to get your registration items? Or, have you misplaced your vehicle registration renewal notice and need your PIN? Call at these numbers mentioned below:

  •  (888) 486-3339 if you are currently in NJ
  •  (609) 292-6500 if you are not available in N.J. or staying outside. 

New Jersey Vehicle Registration Renewal by Mail

Are you unable to process your renewal registration online? If so, your vehicle registration renewal notice will let you know if you can renew the process quickly by Mail. To renew vehicle registration by Mail, follow this procedure:

  • Complete the registration form included in your vehicle registration renewal notice. 
  •  Write a cheque that is payable to “NJMVC.”
  •  Keep both the items in the given envelope. Please ensure your residential address is lucid enough to see through the envelope’s window before you seal and mail it to the given NJMVC address. 

New Jersey Vehicle Registration Renewal in-person

If you don’t have access to renew your vehicle registration by Mail or online process, you may renew in person. Therefore, you will need to visit the local MVC agency and provide the details mentioned below:

  • Accomplished application for vehicle registration (BA-49).
  •  Your VIN or Vehicle Identification Number.
  •  Policy number and Insurance Company name.
  •  License plate number for renewal of vehicle registration.
  •  A passport, driving license, and other identification proof. 
  •  Executorships document if vehicle registration renewing is done on behalf of someone else. 

 A complete payment procedure for the renewal fee. NJ MVC accepts the following payment processes:

  •  Money orders
  •  Cash
  •  Credit or Debit cards
  •  Cheques that are payable to NJ MVC

What is Renewal Fees For NJ MVC Vehicle Registration?

Your renewal notice will contain the actual charges of the NJ MVC vehicle registration renewal. On the other hand, you may also use the NJ MVC fee calculator online registration to calculate the actual payable fee here

Well, for non-commercial vehicles, registration renewal costs are calculated in this way:

  •  You need to pay $46.50 for more than 2-years old and below 3500 pounds vehicles.
  •  Pay $71.50 for more than two years old and 3500 pounds vehicles.
  •  Pay $59.50 for two years old or newer and below 3500 pounds vehicles.
  •  Pay $84 for two years old or newer and 3500 pounds for bulkier vehicles.

Well, the complete guideline for vehicle registration renewal is shown above. You have three options to renew the vehicle registration. So, what are you waiting for? If you got stuck somewhere while renewing your car’s registration, consider our detailed guide.

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