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New Jersey is a state which has a toll collection network in the United States. Therefore, if you reside in New Jersey or pass through an E-ZPassNJ system, you are in for some toll collection.

In other words, it collects coins from the E-ZPassNJ you have purchased and attached them to the Windshield of your vehicle.


E-ZPassNJ is a tag given to a vehicle user where it prepays your tolls at toll plazas. The tag is linked to your bank account, credit, or debit card.

The toll collection technology automatically deducts as soon as you go through the toll collection point which saves your time.

There are various ways where you can get access to the E-ZPassNJ.

  • Through mail
  • Any selected retail stores

E-ZPassNJ Bill Payment at www.ezpassnj.com

Though many people are unaware of the method of paying for the E-ZPassNJ and deem it a hectic task, the reality is quite contradictory. The methods are super easy and convenient and take almost no time. You can opt for paying for your E-ZPassNJ online.

EZPassNJ – www.E-ZPassNJ.com Payment Procedure

The process is pretty straightforward, and it is to be taken into account that the same procedure can be used to pay for missed violations. This should be made within a week of missing to pay your toll bill. Given below is a curated list of steps that can be used to pay for toll bills online : 

  • Firstly, refer to the website, www.Ezpassnj.com, which is the official website of EZPass New Jersey. 
  • Then once you complete the first step successfully, click Login/Register. A pop-up window will follow this. 
  • Once the pop-up window is visible, enter your username, this could be an account or a tag number, whatever your preference. 
  • Then, enter your password, followed by entering the security message in its designated box below. Once all of this is entered, click log in.

Note: Until and unless you have an eznjpass.com account, you cannot make payments online.

The process of registration is essential to go through the next step of payment. 

  • Once you have signed in, go to the left screen and click the one-time payment button.
  • Enter the amount in dollars that you would like to pay and click on the Make Payment option.

This helps you complete your payment in an instant without any fuss. 

EZPassNJ Account Registration Online

As mentioned earlier, it is impossible to make an online toll bill payment in New Jersey without the availability of the EZPass NJ account. Therefore the step of registration is essential for registration before making your payment above. Given below are the steps that may help you with the registration: 

  1. For the beginning, go to EZPassNJ online website here
  2. Once done with the first step, head to the Sign Up for NJ EZPass option and click on the ‘Click Here to Sign Up option. Then go ahead and select the open individual’s account option, then check the section’s bottom and give a stamp of approval to the terms and conditions. 
  3. You can choose either to fill out the form online or offline. For a seamless experience, online is the recommended method of filling up. 
  4. Once you choose the online method, you will land on a page, SignUp, for the new NJ E-ZPass account. Enter the credentials like the account details, communications, vehicle Information, pre-payment Calculation, Account Replenishment Option, the Customer Agreement, and so on. 
  5. Once you fill in the essential information, the account will be ready for payments online.

Does EZ Pass Charge Any Monthly Fees?

Though this may be new news, there is a monthly charge on your NJ EZPass even when you reportedly have no tolls. Each city charges its residents differently. In New Jersey, usually, a dollar is made to be paid every month, which is taken as the service fee.

Also, there can be an extra dollar charged for the two statements one gets every month. The good part about being associated with the state of New Jersey is that there is no need for the transponder(tag).

Effects of Not Paying Your NJ EZPass Toll Bills 

Make sure never to miss paying your toll bills as it may result in severe consequences like :

 ● The termination of driving license.

● Deregistering of vehicle registration.

● A fine of up to $500

In fact, if you link your EZPass NJ to your account(credit and debit card, or bank account, you will be supplied with a free tag). Just make sure never to misplace your tag.

If you are that person who loves to save, you may require to pay less, which involves posting a 10$ tag deposit while opening the account in New Jersey. 

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