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TxDMV stands for Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, and it is a state government organization based in Austin. This agency is in charge of all vehicle-related formalities, such as vehicle registration and titling, authorizing motor carrier operating powers and providing funds to law enforcement agencies to raise public awareness about and minimize automotive theft.

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About TxDMV Portal

TxDMV portal is an online platform that makes it simple for consumers to complete car formalities. Visitors will find it much easier to obtain information and schedule appointments via the web platform, taking a long time.

The most popular services on the online Portal are:

  • Registration of Vehicles
  • DPS Driver License Renewal
  • Purchasing or Selling a Car
  • Obtain a duplicate of your vehicle’s title 
  • Issues related to licensing plates.
  • Take appointments at the Regional Service Center
  • Change your address. 
  • Making a formal complaint. 

How to Apply for a Texas license using TxDMV Portal? 

The TxDMV online portal proved to be the only way to make DMV transactions in person during covid.

The process of making an appointment at the TxDMV, on the other hand, is straightforward. To schedule it, you must go through the steps listed below.

TxDMV License Application
  1. To begin, take your browser to the official Website of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, or click on the link to get directly to the Website. https://www.txdmv.gov/
  2. From the home page, Now head on to an option titled Driver’s license. 
  3. Select apply for a driver’s license from the displayed drop-down menu from the Driver’s license services box. You will be directed to a page with all the instructions you need to follow further. 
  4. Click on the checklist to view the documents you will need to bring to the DMV office. Documents like US citizenship proof, proof of your residency, identity proof, proof of Social security number, and Texas vehicle registration are a must. 
  5. Click on the application from the checklist document, and you will be redirected to a page. Click on the DL application. 
  6. A form will open on your screen, which you need to fill out, and a printout will be taken to the DMV office. 

TxDMV Driver’s License Status Check

The TxDMV has provided the users with many ways to check their Driver’s license status. You can reinstate your license by going to a reinstating center, via mail or over the phone and online. 


  • You will need to log in to the Website by entering the last four digits of your security number, birth date, name and Driver’s license number. 
  • Click on next. Now Select the Restore your Driving Privileges option. If you need to pay a reinstatement fee, you can pay here. 

Calling customer care:

  • You can call the customer care service for your queries and know the status of your Driver’s license. The customer care centers are available from Monday to Friday between 9 to 5.

In-person inquiry:

  • You can also visit the nearest DMV office to your place to check whether your Driver’s license is working or not. 

How to Register your Vehicle Number Plate? 

To register your vehicle number plate, you need to follow some easy steps below. 

Step 1: Visit your nearest DMV office and submit the required documents. 

Step 2: Make the required payment and receive a new license plate. 

Step 3: Receive your new registration sticker and affix it to your car’s windshield. 

How to Renew your vehicle number plate? 

Step 1: Get a Texas vehicle inspection at your preferred county; the inspection should not be scheduled 90 days before the registration expiration date. 

Step 2: Renewing the vehicle registration 

  • In-person – you will need to go in-person to the county tax office 
  • If you received a citation
  • Your registration is on hold due to fines etc. 
  • Your registration is expired. 
Renew TxDMV Registration

Online :

  • You must wait up to 24 hours after the inspection to renew online
  • A payment confirmation slip will be received when the online renewal is successful. 
  • After about three days, you will receive a second email stating if the renewal was approved or not. If approved, the email would have a receipt as proof of the renewal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can the vehicle be driven after the registration is expired?

You can drive your vehicles after the registration is expired but only for a limited time. You can drive just for five days without receiving any penalty; after that, you can receive a fine which can go up to $200.

Q2. How can one ensure receiving a registration renewal notice after moving to a different address in Texas?

It’s critical to change the address on your Driver’s license. You can help ensure that you receive your registration renewal notice by updating your address. Failure to renew your registration is illegal, and you may be fined.


The Texas DMV is the most convenient option for conducting DMV transactions in person. You can do so much using this online platform, including renewing your license, changing your residence, registering your vehicle, and making a reservation.

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