How To Get Replaced If You Lost Your NJ Driver’s License?

Have your New Jersey driving license lost, destroyed, or stolen? The system becomes so hassle-free for a replacement! You can easily replace the N.J. driver’s license now without visiting MVC.

The leading process for ordering a duplicate license will rely on whether you are in New Jersey or out of town. The good news is that, in both cases, you may quickly order a new replacement for your driving license.

If you want, you may also visit your local MVC agency in-person. However, the N.J. denizens may go in-person to the agency for the replacement procedure. So, read on now to know more about all the instructions, documents required, and steps you must follow if you have lost your driving license.

How Can You Replace Your Lost NJ Driving License?

Have you noticed that your driving license lost accidentally or gone missing? You want to file for another duplicate license or a replacement. You cannot drive without a license, and you must not jeopardize yourself and get a ticket as a penalization.

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Make sure to follow the in-person rules below if you are currently residing in New Jersey. Do you not present in NJ right now? Well, you may follow the out of the state rules for filing for a replacement. Therefore, let’s have a look at every detail minutely:

In-person Rules:

  • Amass all the relevant identification documents, which are shown below:
  • New driver’s license
  • Renewal of driver’s license
  • Replacement of driver’s license
  • Name change on driving license
  • Address change on driving license
  • Learner’s permit
  • Navigate to your nearby MVC agency.
  • Pay $11.00 as a duplicate license fee.
  • You may walk away with your brand new duplicated license.

Out of the state drivers’ Rules:

It would be difficult for out of the state drivers to show up in-person. It should not be a hassle as long as you fulfill and follow all the mandatory requirements.

Essential Requirements For Replacing Lost NJ License via MailĀ 

  • Your driving license could have never been lost of theft for more than three years ago.
  • If you were not presently staying in New Jersey, you should be a USA resident.
  • The commercial driver license holders may not appeal for replacement via Mail.
  • You must possess a New Jersey license, and you must stay in the state of N.J.
  • Replacement of only digital licenses can only be possible. Does your license possess a digital picture? You cannot appeal for a replacement, but you may apply for the renewal of your N.J. license.

Steps To Be Followed For NJ Driver License’s Replacement

  • Assemble and make the hardcopies for all those identification documents that are mentioned above. Never send the original documents.
  • Please keep a copy of your out of the state address.
  • You may reach NJ MVC at (609) 292 6500 or 5076.
  • Please make sure to inform them that you are out of the state and would prefer to appeal for a duplicate license.
  • Pay $11.00 as a replacement fee.

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What are the primary documents needed for N.J. driver’s license replacement?

You have to submit some mandatory documents to get your duplicate license. Those documents must fulfill New Jersey’s 6-types verification rule. You have to select those documents that possess an entire 6 points or more to be eligible for the 6-point verification.

These should possess overall 6 points or more:

  • Make sure to bring a minimum of one document from the detailed list of primary I.D. documents.
  • The documents may possess differing points in this primary group. Some may include 4 points. In contrast, others may consist of 3 or 2 points.
  • Make sure to bring a minimum of one document from the detailed list of secondary I.D. documents.
  • Here, the documents from the second group may possess differing points. Some may include 3, 2, or even 1 point.

Primary Documents Required For NJ Driver’s License Replacement:

4-point documents: USA citizens

  • Birth certificate
  • USA passport
  • Recent USA passport card
  • Recent NJ digital non-driver card
  • Recent NJ digital boat license
  • Recent NJ digital driver license
  • Citizenship certificate

3-points documents:

  • Recent photo employment approval card
  • It should be presented with a legit social security card.

2-points documents:

  • Recent alien registration card with USCIS or INS verification
  • Photo provisional residential card

Secondary Documents Required For NJ Driver’s License Replacement:

3-points documents:

  • Recent USA military dependant card
  • Legit New Jersey firearm card

2-points documents:

  • USA school and college photo I.D. card with transcript
  • Legit local or federal driving license of government employee

1-point documents:

  • Social security card
  • D. card of employees

If you have recently lost or been the victim of theft, follow our systematic guidelines to apply for a replacement of your N.J. driver’s license. Check out all the points very minutely to get a clear idea of what documents are required for various cases.

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